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Nio launches up to RMB 1 billion trade-in subsidy to customers
Published on: 2024-04-03
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Nio announced the launch of a trade-in subsidy to entice owners of traditional gasoline vehicles to buy its models, a move that differs from its previous practice of doing little marketing for purchase incentives.

In response to China's consumer product trade-in initiative, Nio is offering up to RMB 1 billion yuan ($140 million) in gasoline vehicle trade-in subsidies for 2024 Nio models, the company announced today.

Starting April 1, gasoline car owners who purchase a new Nio vehicle through trade-in will receive an additional RMB 10,000 in option fund subsidies, it said in a statement.

When added to other perks, customers will receive a total of up to RMB 15,000 in option fund, discount coupons for Nio Phone worth RMB 6,498, it said.

They will also receive 36 vouchers worth about RMB 3,600 for free battery swap services and one year's access to assisted driving software Navigate on Pilot Plus (NOP+) valued at RMB 4,560.

Nio has previously been offering benefits including a free Nio Phone, free battery swap vouchers, and a free NOP+ experience.



3月13日,国务院印发《推动大规模设备更新和消费品以旧换新行动方案》,明确提出“组织开展全国汽车以旧换新促销活动,鼓励汽车生产企业、销售企业开展促销活动,并引导行业有序竞争”。响应“消费品以旧换新行动”,蔚来推出的最高10亿元的油车置换补贴,将进一步惠及消费者,并推动老旧汽车的淘汰更新,提高新能源汽车的市场渗透率,助力“双碳”目标实现,同时也将助推蔚来“Blue Sky Coming”这一愿景实现。


结合目前其他礼遇政策,即日起,油车用户置换蔚来,可获得最高1.5万元的选装基金、价值6498元的NIO Phone抵用券一张、价值约3600元的换电券(36张)以及价值4560元的全域领航辅助(NOP+)一年使用权。

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