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Falling Rock Strikes Woman in the Head At Scenic Area
Published on: 2024-06-14
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On June 12, a rockfall occurred in the Wawu Mountain Scenic Area in Meishan, Sichuan, injuring a tourist. Some netizens captured the moment of the rockfall.

From the pictures at that time, a group of young beauties and handsome men were playing in the water at a popular check-in spot in the scenic area with waterfalls, streams and broken bridges. Some were taking photos, while others were experiencing the waterfalls up close in the streams. Suddenly, a fist-sized stone fell from the sky and hit a beauty on the shoulder, causing her to fall directly onto the steps of the broken bridge.

The beauty was estimated to be about 1.7 meters tall, wearing jeans, white flat shoes, black short-sleeved shirt, blonde hair, and a purple backpack. After she fell to the ground, the four or five tourists closest to her ran away, fearing that their lives were in danger. This was also an instinct. No one looked at how badly the lady was injured. A man wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and carrying a backpack stopped by her side and immediately took out his mobile phone from his pocket and called 120 for help. After the lady fell to the ground, there was blood next to her head.

Afterwards, a reporter contacted the scenic spot, and the staff of the scenic spot said that the fallen rock was as big as a fist and hit the tourist's shoulder and scratched his head. The injured was sent to the hospital. The place where the rock fell has been closed and tours have been suspended.



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