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DIALOGUE: Salvatore Ancoretti, Marketing Director Greater China, Ferrari
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altSince its first sale in China almost 20 years ago, Ferrari has continually been growing to meet the potential of the Chinese market. Now, with well over 1,000 total vehicles delivered, and 2011 deliveries of over 500 vehicles to the mainland alone, Ferrari is moving to position itself for sustained growth by expanding its dealer network. By 2013, Ferrari envisions having a total of 20 dealerships throughout the country to tap into the demand for the world-renowned pony cars. On 10 April, Ferrari opened its second dealership in Tianjin, with great fanfare, on NanJing Road. On hand for the event was Salvatore Ancoretti, a veteran of Maranello, but now holds the title of Marketing Director Greater China, Ferrari. Business Tianjin was able to speak with Mr. Ancoretti about what the future holds as the pony not only goes “Prancing into Tianjin” again, but throughout China and beyond. 

Ferrari owners in China are much younger than average. What are you doing to educate these buyers about Ferrari?

In an emerging market we have to build up our brand, we have to establish our brand. What we are doing to establish our brand is to communicate what Ferrari means, what it stands for. We have a 65 year history, a valuable history. This means to promote the brand, we will open the biggest exhibition ever in Shanghai, over 900 sqm, explaining the history of Ferrari. We have to educate people how to use the Ferrari, and train them how to use the car, on the track, on the road, to make sure they get maximum performance while maintaining absolute safety.

What do you believe is the Ferrari “experience”?

Ferrari is first of all “driving emotion”. What we sell is not cars, we sell dreams. Dreams means that you are in the prancing horse, the DNA is different. The craftsmanship; the Italian style; sixty-five years of history. If you visit the factory in Maranello, you will see something different from all the other factories around the world, which is why we push people to visit. You also have the performance of the car. It’s not just a number you get from the pages of a magazine. It’s how you feel when you drive the car. The pleasure you feel from driving a car like that.

Recently, the F12 was unveiled to the public. Is there any update on pricing or availability?

The F12 Berlinetta was just launched in Milan a couple of months ago. This will clearly be the most important car we show at the Beijing auto show, and one of the most waited for premiers at the show. This is the highest performing Ferrari ever. For availability, it will be allocated to all markets equally.

How long is the average wait time for delivery of different models for the Chinese market after purchase?

It depends on what options the buyer wants for their car. In Beijing, we will announce the tailor-made programme which will allow 40 to 50 people per year to completely personalise their car with new material, new fabrics, new fibres, new colours, etc. You will see the possibility to have a car specifically made as the buyer wants.

Do you see the Chinese market for Ferrari ever surpassing the United States market in terms of total volume of units?

Ferrari is continuing to grow in China and recently, in 2011, we had some of our best sales ever. As to whether Ferrari in China will ever surpass the United States in sales, I don’t think it will happen soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to happen. You can never say never.
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