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FEATURE STORY: World-Class MBA Program Comes to Tianjin!
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altTianjin University of Finance & Economics has just taken its prestigious MBA course to the next level by teaming up with the world renowned business faculty of Canada’s Trinity Western University. This newly rejuvenated study program offers an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring business leaders or those who are already working in the commercial sector to boost their skill set and broaden their understanding of global business management.

We recently spoke to Dr. Murray MacTavish, co-director of the MBA program and figurehead of this new academic partnership to find out what Tianjin’s business leaders of tomorrow can learn from enrolling into this superb study scheme.


What is the history behind this academic partnership?

Trinity Western University has a long history of collaborating with universities in Tianjin. Before now we have had relationships with other institutions in the area and we have come to know a fair amount about the city. Since 2007 we have been running programs with TUFE and it has been a very successful partnership. Dean Eve Yi of TUFE’s MBA Education Centre was a visiting scholar at Trinity Western, which has also served to increase the depth of our association.

The new MBA program is the latest development in a long running relationship between the two institutions and it is exciting to finally get the course up and running this year after receiving approval from the ministerial bodies in China and Canada.


So how will the teaching be divided between the institutions and what qualification will students receive upon completion of the program?

It will be taught by specialist professors from both universities. TUFE staff will be teaching 6 of the 14 units and our team will be doing the remainder during their guest lecturing visits to Tianjin. The course materials, textbooks etc are all from Trinity Western and the program will be taught fully in English.

As a result of this great partnership we are able to play to the strengths of both institutions and bring elite educational programs to our students. TUFE, for example, is very strong in the areas of finance and accounting, whereas Trinity Western brings a great deal of expertise in terms of research skills, management systems and global business culture.

It is actually a Trinity Western University MBA. After finishing the course one receives a Trinity Western degree which is fully accredited and just as valuable as it would be if you did it purely in Canada.



Tell us about some of the key components of the MBA course.

Like any MBA program worldwide there will be units which cover the core areas such as managerial accounting, international business law, finance, global competitiveness, business ethics and operation management.

A critical area for us is leadership, particularly what is known as ‘value-based leadership’. Businesses are built on trust, and therefore it is crucially important to learn how to build trust in your leadership to enhance your relationships and build long term partnerships.


What kind of people is the MBA aimed at? Who is eligible to enroll in the course?

The program is open to everybody who wants to gain the skills and knowledge needed to elevate them in the business world. In our first cohort we have many students from China, of course, but also some of other nationalities.

Some of the students are recent graduates looking to further their studies, others are already in management positions. We find that having these mixed classes leads to a great learning environment.

Anyone can apply and we really hope to get as diverse a range of students as possible!


Tell us about the event that is coming up on October 17 at Tianjin University of Finance & Economics.

This is an important date for us as it will be our official opening of the new program. Firstly, our staff members will be meeting over lunch to discuss developments and ideas. Then from 2:30-4:30pm we will have the official opening ceremony. There will be speeches from several key people, including myself, the Dean of faculty and government officials. Finally in the evening we are holding a function for local business leaders. We invite business people, students and media representative such as yourselves to come along and find out more about this unique and exciting opportunity! 

By Melvin Shaw
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