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TECH: Drone technology set to revolutionize industry
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Drone technology set to revolutionize industry

By Michael Levy

tech07Drone technology is nothing new. It's been around since the early 80's with applications mostly in the military and government sectors. But with recent investment, heavy research and improved legislation, drones have begun to revolutionize industries and play a part of our lives everywhere you look!

As the world continues to go paperless, automated and robotized, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are set to continue to take tasks and jobs from humans; just as computers and robots have done for the last few decades. In a recent article in the Telegraph, according to Professor Moshe Vardi, robots will take most human jobs within 30 years, with unemployment set to skyrocket over 50%!

So where will Drones make their impact?

Back in 1849, Austria sent balloons filled with bombs to attack Venice. In 1900, drones were used in military training. Drones were developed and used during both World War I and World War II.

It is 2016 and Domino's is trialing a land based UAV to deliver Pizza to its customers, Amazon is researching drone technology for its deliveries and a Chinese company is manufacturing the first ever flying car! Well, not a car exactly, but a self automated, manned personal transportation drone called the Ehang.


tech03Some of the most costly and labor driven challenges faced by the shipping industry involve timing. Industry service standards are increasing every day while customers expect their delivery within a day or two. Amazon has already established its drone shipping program which is called Amazon Prime Air. According to Amazon, this program will offer less than 30 minute delivery times. Many companies are exploring similar possibilities. Factors such as public safety, liability and theft or damage to the drone are amongst some of the concerns. Land based Domino's drones are set to be worth over $30,000!


Drones in agriculture are used to complete a lot of time consuming missions in a short time. Farmers spend a long time checking their crops and harvest, fence lines and fields. It takes a drone around 20 minutes to fully survey an area of 1 square mile. Drones can provide images of each and every single plant. They can provide pictures showing the condition, quality and ripeness of the crops. But this is just the beginning. Drones can also spray water and insecticides without human interference. Companies like Precision Hawk and Delair Tech are heavily invested in such technology.

Architecture and construction

Architects can use drones to create 3D rendering of buildings which they intend to construct. It brings a whole new level of capability into the design phase. Drones can provide information and images from vantage points that were previously inaccessible. Mounted sensors can provide readings which give architects the best possible information on which to base their decisions. During actual construction phase drones can assist with assessment and surveying. They can also provide imaginary and actual images of the building in its place and in relation to the surrounding buildings and places.


tech05In the world of media often the best shots get the story. Journalists are utilizing drones for taking photos and videos of otherwise inaccessible places. A recent article in poynter.com suggested 2016 will the breakout year for drone journalism. Drones allow reporters to get right in the midst of action and provide coverage of accidents, demonstrations, war zones, natural disasters and dangerous environments.


Drones can be used in different aspects of engineering. They can be used in oil industry, maintenance, electricity and lots of different aspects. Nowadays, professional civil engineering firms' use drones to help them with road constructions, airport planning, railway track maintenance and infrastructures.


Remember Project Loon that was launched by Google back in 2013? -Remember Facebook's Internet.org project? -These projects used drones to bring Internet to rural and remote areas around the world. According to Google, more than half of the world's population is still without Internet. Areas in Africa, Asia and South America are still without any sort of communication with the outside world. With the help of drones, companies are connecting the world in new and amazing ways!


Drones are now used in the film making industry. Directors and film makers use drone to shoot stunning scenes which were impossible to obtain until now. Aerial footage was used in the shooting of some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters such as Skyfall (2012), The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013), The Expendables part 3 (2014), Cahppie (2015), Spectre (2015), Jurassic World (2015) and Captain America: Civil War (2016).

EMS / Medical

tech08Drones have the potential to save lives. From the battlefield to natural disaster relief, drones have no fear and will enter any environment. They will be fitted with technology to easily scan for survivors and analyze their vital signs. They could be fitted with life saving defibrillators and resuscitation equipment and can be sent right into disaster zones. In 2012 a drone was used to deliver a vital aid package following the Haitian earthquakes. Testing in remote areas is well underway by some American companies.

The future is bright!

As you can imagine, the future is bright for drone technology. With other areas of research like automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, it won't be long before we see drones taking over low altitude skies and changing the way we live and think. We haven't even mentioned the possible positive environmental effects of using drones over outdated internal combustion driven technology.


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