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BOOK REVIEW: Dealing with China
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Dealing with China:
An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower
By Henry M. Paulson Jr., Michael K. Carroll

BT 201808 Book 01美国前财政部长和高盛集团前董事长亨利•保尔森(HenryM.Paulson)想必是中美商界人士人尽皆知的大人物了, 他于2006年7月就任美国第74任财政部长,审慎地处理了2007年因次贷市场崩溃引发的金融危机,期间还被授权与中国展开一系列战略对话,一直延续到奥巴马政府时期。可见,保尔森与中国的业务往来无人能比。保尔森在他出版的新书《与中国打交道:一位内部人士解读这个新晋的超级经济大国》(Dealing with China: An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower)中,详述了他长达25年的中国之旅,为企业如何在中国运作以及企业在未来如何与中国合作提供了真知灼见。

《与中国打交道》 一书详细地叙述了中国崛起的历程。他将这些中国重大的历史拐点都总结归纳了进去。书中内容为西方企业家和政要提供了不少“干货”,包括如何与中国开展合作、竞争等。在本书的最后几章,作者认为中国的经济发展将不可避免的将中国带领走向民主化。
Dealing with china by henry m paulson jrHenry Paulson takes an insider view as a former U.S. Treasury Secretary who once spearheaded the U.S. - China relations as well as a former chief of Goldman Sachs who helped China’s political elite and business personalities to restructure state-owned enterprises. Through historic intersections, he narrated the rise of China, starting with the Cultural Revolution to the last years of Mao Zedong and its reopening by Deng Xiaoping later, which coincided fittingly to various periods in his career. How he maneuvered a difficult and secretive business environment while closing international deals at high stakes can generate major takeaways for Western business and political leaders on how to work with, compete and benefit from China.

Because of his unique access, Paulson brings to life the Chinese officials whom he continues to form bonds with and who are now in positions of power in Xi Jinping’s administration. Quoting their interactions allows reader to understand the context of how these leaders make decisions and speculate how they would act, given new challenges that confront China at present.

In the final chapters of the book, Paulson attempts to explain a possible trajectory whereby economic development will inevitably lead China towards democratization. Consequently, the Cold-war style of containing China’s presumed bid for global leadership would provoke more conflict and worsen the trust gap between the US and China. As such, he proposes that a better way forward is to “find China a better seat at the table” which would eventually urge them to conform to meticulous social and environmental standards.

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