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INSPIRATIONAL: Be Successful Like One of the Greatest Leaders of the 20th Century
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Be Successful Like One of the Greatest Leaders of the 20th Century
The Story of Winston Churchill

BT 201808 Inspiration 01英国历史上著名的首相温斯顿•伦纳德•斯宾塞•丘吉尔被认为是20世纪最重要的政治领袖之一,他两度出任英国首相,领导英国人民赢得了第二次世界大战。作为一个伟人,丘吉尔的童年时光却并不如他后来的光芒那般出色。丘吉尔出生于英国的一个贵族家庭,父亲伦道夫•丘吉尔忙于政治而母亲又沉湎于交际之中,他少年时代很少感受到父母的关爱。1881年,7岁的丘吉尔被送入一个贵族子弟学校读书,丘吉尔是学校中最顽皮、最贪吃.成绩最差的学生之一,因此经常遭到老师的体罚。1888年丘吉尔进入仅次于伊顿公学的哈罗公学就读,但是成绩依然不佳,伦道夫勋爵于是决定在儿子毕业后将他送到桑赫斯特皇家军事学院。1895年,丘吉尔从军校毕业,被分配到第四骠骑兵团任中尉。



BT 201808 Inspiration 02Powerful, compelling, and efficacious - These are just some of the words to describe one of Great Britain's most influential and famous leaders of the 20th century. Born into a wealthy aristocartic family, Churchill's childhood was not exactly a glamorous one. Suffering from a speech impediment, Churchill was often described as a sensitive child. One would think that this young man would have his life planned out easily but instead he faced multiple failures before achieving success.

Winston did not become a Prime Minister overnight. He failed the entrance exam for the Royal Military Academy three times before finally being admitted. As a young politician Churchill had the most number of lost elections than any other British politician as of late. Through the interwar years he faced controversies among his peers. Churchill made multiple errors and misjudgements which later he would learn from. Instead of feeling crestfallen he continued to face life with a strong dedication.

What we can learn from Winston Churchill is that failure or rejection is a part of life. We cannot always follow a straight road map without meeting bumps or cracks along the way. That's not how life works and nobody reaches success without failing. It's inevitable that we feel despondent and discouraged when things don't turn out the way we want them to, especially if you've worked hard for it. However this must not define who we are and we must not let it be an impediment to our goals. Life has a funny way of helping us reach our goals or what we were destined for. There are reasons why you fail; perhaps it was never meant for you, perhaps it wasn't the right time, or perhaps you needed to try harder. We shouldn't let one or several failures be the limit of what we can accomplish. Churchill wrote on his account during the brink of World War II and his appointment as Prime Minister that “ I never felt as if I was walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour.“ The right time and the right place is always there for you.

It is easy to be engulfed in a wave of dejection, and in order to avoid this we must have a strong mindset. Just remember that failure serves as a lesson. It's not the end of anything but a beginning of something better. If you let yourself get caught in pessimissm it will affect your frame of mind and overall performance. It will leave you feeling stuck and regressive. Our emotions always gets the better of us, so don't let that one sliver of pessimissm take over. Change all your negatives into positives. For example, stop saying can't and start thinking yes I can! Positive thoughts bring positive energy. It boosts our brain and self-confidence. Once you have that ingrained it will be easier to seek self-motivation.

Continue to persevere in whatever it is you are trying to achieve but also look for ways to improve. Churchill performed poorly during his primary education but that did not stop him for being a recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature in his later life. In his political career despite losing popularity amongst his citizens in 1945, his perseverance and willpower to serve the people of Great Britain earned him another tenure as Prime Minister.

Your past experiences do not hinder your growth. Don't waste your time mulling over things that have already happened. What you did before will never change, but what you can do now and for your future will depend greatly on how you keep yourself level-headed and motivated. Success begins when you have progressed from previous errors. Even the little steps that you take in reaching your goals are victories. The definition of success may differ for individuals, but the journey in becoming successful is the same, and that is determination.

Perhaps the saying “ failure is not an option“ does not apply here. Indeed we fail yet we pick ourselves again. This is what Winston Churchill did - he learned from his mistakes and continued to strive for greatness.

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