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COVER STORY: READY FOR TAKEOFF! Interview with Long Yingzhi, Site Manager of AAA Dornier Technology
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Focus on Company Performance and Team Development

Interview with Long Yingzhi
Site Manager of AAA Dornier Technology




AAA 道尼尔航空科技(天津)有限公司区域经理

BT 201909 340X458We interacted this month with Long Yingzhi, site manager of AAA Dornier Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., to know more about his experience working with foreign companies in China across different sectors, but mainly automotive and aeronautic. He is managing the daily operation of AAA Tianjin team by working on the Final Assembly Line of AIRBUS Tianjin, his company’s main customer.

AAA is a key player in the aerospace industry for on-site operations, working on all types of aircraft during their whole product lifecycle. It is a global service-provider for industrial activities on aircraft.


IMG 0493You have a really impressive resume. When looking back on your career, what would you say is your best quality that you applied to achieve great success?

During my professional career I’ve worked over with good teachers and mentors. During my career in HELLA lighting, my manager showed me the importance of quality system and in Kayser, my director showed me how to be a plant manager, and in my current job, my boss, Mr. Nouvelot, gives me the chance to go into aeronautic industry.



 MG 3862 900While studying your Master Degree in France, what aspirations did you have for yourself? Would you say that you’ve achieved them?

Yes, back then I wanted to be a kind of bridge between French and Chinese industry, which was also the purpose of my scholarship program in that moment. Now, I can say that I have achieved this target.



Now you are the site manager of AAA Dornier Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. What kind of services and products is your company providing in China and what are its main customers?

AAA is a global company with footprint worldwide and provides services and products in the aeronautic industry in Europe, China, Russia, South Asia, and North America. The main client of AAA in China is Airbus. We are located inside of the Airbus Final Assembly Line (FAL), actually besides the East runway of Tianjin airport, where they prepare airplanes to take off and land.

In AAA China, we provide engineering services and support to Airbus Final Assembly Line, A320 NEO engines installation services, among other projects with Airbus, such as storage of aircrafts, etc…

Except Airbus, we are also building the cooperation with the Chinese customers, such as CAC in Chengdu, SAC in Shenyang, and COMAC in Shanghai.


AAA 是一家全球性公司,业务遍及世界各地,服务区域覆盖中国,俄罗斯,南亚,欧洲和北美,为当地的航空产业提供了可靠服务。AAA 中国目前的主要客户是天津空客总装线。

在AAA中国,我们为空客总装线提供工程技术支持,提供A320 NEO发动机安装服务以及其他生产领域的技术支持,例如制定工程解决方案和飞机维修的数据档案存储追踪等。

除了空客,我们还与其他中国OEM客户建立了合作关系,例如成飞CCAC,沈飞SAIC,以及中国商飞COMAC 等。我们正在扩大市场,寻求与中国企业的进一步深入合作。

IMG 0509What negotiating tactics did you use with customers, to come to a mutual beneficial agreement?

All our negotiations and communications about projects with customers are based on this concept: mutual beneficial or win-win solutions. We must focus on customer's needs and interest, and offer our best cost-efficient solution. That is the way how we win the customer and market.

What are the most challenging aspects when budgeting for new projects in China?

The most important challenge for us is the fast moving market. Customers expect that we are flexible and to adjust our offer very fast in order to adapt to the market and customer needs.



Cover image 03Can you give us an example of a time when you implemented certain strategies to minimize manufacturing costs? What was the outcome?

What we are doing is the “deep localization” in this market. We combine the strength of our headquarters in Europe in technology and quality system with Chinese local environment, management style, mindset of people and culture. This is how I did before in my career in automotive industry and is what I'm doing now in aeronautic industry.

As the result, in 2018 AAA Tianjin site achieved the best revenue and benefit since the starting of operation in China.




 MG 3836 aHow can a manager improve manpower utilization, while maintaining work efficiency and quality?

There are two approaches. One is to continue developing the employees, by encouraging and providing them the opportunities to get multi-qualifications, so they can deal with the complex problems by themselves. We also monitor closely our management structure to be very efficient and allow us to adapt to the changes and challenges in a very short time.

What leadership qualities did you have to demonstrate while collaborating with production teams to create quality products?

We need to observe the process closely and see the potential risk. We should be very calm and strong to overcome any situation, in terms of difficulties and challenges. The leader must be the example to the team, and never fail or give up the work.

What is the key to ensuring your company follows regulations, laws and standards?

It is important to apply an “engineer thinking”: we should focus on providing good product with good technology, good quality and good customer’s experience to the clients. We should think about the safety of the end users, to improve their daily life and make the world a little bit better day by day. We also must think about the importance of controlling the pollution and contribute ourselves every day to have an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. This kind of thinking is very important for business as well, because it is about the future generations.



IMG 0491Can you recall an experience when your meticulousness of inspecting structures, equipment and other materials helped you detect the cause of a problem?

Yes, during my job in HELLA Lighting, I was supplier quality manager and I received professional training in problem solving process. To identify a problem in any process you need to have a very good observation skill, good technical background and scientific methods to support you.

I remember when I worked for KAYSER, we produced the carbon canisters which required the waterproof-test by the end of assembly process to prevent the leakage defect. We found one batch of products with waterproof problems, I looked carefully the difference between a good and bad part, and found out that flatness of the cap on the bad part is abnormal compared with the good ones. In the end we found out that the injection moulding cooling time has been shorten. This parameters adjustment was to correct a previous injection defect, but it caused the deformation of the cap which lead to another defect. The problem-solving is the result of combination of logical thinking and long-time training.

 MG 3851 aHow do you ensure that your team stays positive and work together towards a common goal?

We are a really multi-culture team with people coming from China, France, Philippines, India, Malaysia and Nepal. Because of my education background, working experience and language skills, I have no difficulty to understand my team and share their feeling.

To keep the team positive, I must be at first a positive person. I always tell the team that they should look after the company's interest and their work. When the team members see that their leader is standing always in the company's interest and look after their interest as well, then the team will follow you.




How do you manage positive communication with others to ensure a great outcome?

I focus always on the facts and try to stay in the middle without taking any side, even though it's not the best solution for everyone. Finally, we always reach an agreement. It is the same thinking during the discussion with customers or partners. Maybe we cannot maximize the benefits for all of the parties, but we try to be in the middle and look after everyone's interest.

When exploring new business opportunities in AAA Dornier Technology, what are the main factors you look at?

We always look for the long term win-win cooperation. We want to bring to China our technology, and to share the experience with our partners in order to grow up together in the market.

What would you say, is the key to re-structuring a company’s organization and operational process?

In my opinion the key factor is to have courage to try, courage to fail and courage to try again.

As an example, when I started working in AAA China, I reorganized nearly the complete management structure of the company because it wasn’t working that good and we decided to introduce a new structure. At the beginning, people didn't want to change. We got many difficulties. We tried the new process, went back, adjusted, and tried again. Along the new process, I always told the team that nevertheless the difficulties we would move forward. No way back. I wrote so many emails and held several meetings. We launched again the changes, and went to the new direction. To be vigilant in peace time is what we need to learn, even we’re in the system which is the top level of aviation industry.

For me, there's only one way, forward.


在我看来,关键因素是有勇气尝试,这包括敢于面对失败和勇于再次尝试。比如,当我开始在 AAA 中国工作时,我重新调整了此前运行效率不佳的组织结构体系。我们决定引入新的构架,尝试改善流程,进而整合新的功能团队。一开始,大家都不愿意离开舒适区去做出改变。我们遇到了很多困难,但我们不断尝试,持续进行调整。在这个过程中,我一直告诉我的团队,无论遇到什么困难我们都不会退让。我反复在邮件中强调此观点并多次组织会议确保计划的切实贯彻。最终我们的努力获得了非常神奇的效果。对我来说,工作只能向前,绝不能退后。

Following up on the previous question, what strategies did you apply at AAA Dornier to optimize operational processes?

We have five functional departments in our operational teams: Manufacturing Engineering, Logistic, Production, Quality Inspections and Configurations.

To optimize the overall process, we firstly standardized the internal process of each team, so that they can work efficiently. We build up the team leadership for each one by setting the team-leader or focal point person, and all the team-leader/focal point report directly to the Site Manager. In such way we reinforce the discipline, reporting and escalation process by maintaining the management structure in lean way.

On the top management level, we have now the weekly review meeting with all the team-leaders and the focal points to communicate the information. By that way, the process is now much more efficient. People are aware about what's going on and what's happening in our company every week.

 MG 3865 aHow do you maintain a balance between your personal life and your very busy professional life?

In term of this, I have to thank my wife, because I am a hard worker and even I think I am a workaholic. I work over 10 hours every day, and she never complained, but supported me in that. I would say the result that I have achieved till today is thanks to my wife and her contribution. I would say 50.1%.

But in the weekends, I swim, I am growing plants and we go out to watch movies. I really try to find some private time together, and when Monday morning comes, I am back to real world.


这个问题上我要感谢我的妻子!我自己是一个工作狂,工作占据了我大部分时间,基本上每天都要超过10小时左右。但她毫无怨言,默默支持。我想说,直到今天我所取得成果的 50.1% 应归功于我的妻子和她为家庭所做出的贡献。


Thanks Long Yingzhi for sharing your experience and deep knowledge about team management and business organization. Your personality and leadership is a reference for many top executives of organizations, and your engineering thinking and eco-friendly spirit is a good example of the effectiveness and social responsibility that shape your character. He looks elegant, speaks politely, but directly. He is a hard-working man that never gives up till achieves his goals and always focus on how to maximize company’s interest. A low profile man with ambitious management philosophy. The contrast is so great that makes us remember that the company he is in charge is ready for making noise in the market.


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