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IN DEPTH: Universal Studios Beijing
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Universal Studios Beijing
By Mary Lewis

67da6f9593bc42b687518259c365d32fConstruction in the capital’s east Tongzhou is full speed ahead to complete the largest Universal Studios outlet in Asia. Universal Studios Beijing will open in the spring of 2021 and will be housed in a 990-acre Universal Beijing Resort which will house among others, the Universal CityWalk retail, dining and entertainment complex and the first ever Universal-themed resort hotel along with the first Nuo-branded resort hotel of Beijing Tourism Group.

A joint venture between Universal Parks & Resorts and Beijing Shouhuan Cultural Tourism Investment Corp Ltd, the park will be twice bigger than Universal Studios Japan and five times larger than Universal Studios Singapore.

Several themed zones highlight the greatest of Universal Studios-owned assets along with exciting flagship attractions. While specific details on the park’s entertainment blueprint are under tight secrecy, we can assume that the park will feature highly popular choices, but more massive in terms of scale.



BT 201909 IN DEPTH 061) Vintage 1970s Hollywood, which serves as an elaborate entry to the theme park.


BT 201909 IN DEPTH 042) Jurassic World – With the Jurassic Park ride being the centrepiece of the Universal Studios franchise, we expect to achieve the theme park’s epic prehistoric feel with stunningly crisp effects and, of course, getting drenched at the end of the ride.

侏罗纪世界 - 形态生动的恐龙,危险奇异的侏罗纪丛林、游船从高空俯冲入水的刺激,都让人兴奋不已。

BT 201909 IN DEPTH 103) Waterworld – Universal Studios Beijing will be the first park to have a dedicated Waterworld themed zone, which will showcase one of the longest running jet-ski stunt shows of the franchise.

水上世界 - 北京环球影城将成为第一个拥有专门的水世界主题区的公园。各类水上特技营造不亚于电影的紧张画面,而火爆的动作场面更会将游客囊括在内,给人真实的危难当头之感。

BT 201909 IN DEPTH 084) Kung Fu Panda – Inspired by charming movie which made everyone love Master Po, we await the multi-sensory attractions that combine state-of-the-art visuals with immersive and memorable storytelling.

功夫熊猫 - 好莱坞环球影城的“功夫熊猫”梦工厂剧院内不仅配有7台科视4K Boxer 电影投影机和360°环绕立体声系统,还有体感模拟等特效,让你身临其境感受整个惊心动魄的冒险过程!

BT 201909 IN DEPTH 075) Wizarding World of Harry Potter – We can’t wait to see this delightful recreation of the famous all-wizarding village complete with the majestic Hogwarts Castle and the character-filled Hogsmeade Village. Potter fans would definitely be on the lookout for magical shops and magic-inspired menu items that invokes a delightful sentiment of the Harry Potter Books.

哈利波特城堡 - 霍格沃茨要来中国开分校啦!霍格沃茨城堡里不仅有邓布利多的办公室、黑魔法防御术教室、格兰芬多公共休息室、有求必应屋、地下室等等,甚至还可以一睹电影里分院帽的风采!

BT 201909 IN DEPTH 096) Transformers – those waiting for a hyper-realistic thrill would expect next-generation roller coaster, which would follow a flight simulation/battle ride storyline leaving your pulse racing and raving for more.

变形金刚 - “变形金刚”专区包括霸天虎过山车、变形金刚3D骑乘-火种源之战骑乘、大黄蜂摇摆舞场骑乘等设施,个个都是让你吓到腿软的项目!

BT 201909 IN DEPTH 057) Minions/Despicable Me – Bringing the beloved characters to life, we hope to see a 3D Ultra-HD movie motion-simulator ride and an elaborate play zone for the kids and kids at heart.

神偷奶爸“小黄人” - 这也将是继日本大阪之后的又一个“小黄人”主题园区,到处都是小黄人元素,简直萌翻了!还有4D小黄人乘车游,和小黄人们一起上天入地,简直让少女们尖叫不止!

BT 201909 IN DEPTH 02Upon full completion, the amusement park will offer 16 rides, nine shows and four rollercoasters, while incorporating Chinese attractions which reflect Chinese heritage and culture. According to the park’s official website, the park is expected to cater to more than 3 million visitors per year and will create approximately 40,000 new jobs.


A dedicated subway station to connect two different metro lines right unto Universal CityWalk Beijing shall be ready for service by the end of the year. Two other subway lines, namely the eastern extension of Line 7 and the southern extension of Batong Line are also underway.

Since 2015, Tongzhou district was being groomed as Beijing’s sub-centre to welcome the influx of economic boom starting with the relocation of Beijing’s administrative offices and construction of vital local infrastructure and residential facilities at pace with the move. Beijing Investment Group Co Ltd, a cornerstone investor said that the fund to develop Tongzhou District is expected to reach CNY 100 Billion. Equipping Tongzhou as a vibrant and bustling sub-centre would involve strategic investments, including those related to smart city construction, environmental protection, hospitals and schools, a premier art and cultural centre, underground space development and high-end industry clusters.


BT 201909 IN DEPTH 03With all roads paving the way for Universal Studios Beijing, it is quite exciting to see how it will help propel China to retain its strong position in the global amusement park industry.


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