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ART & CULTURE: The Importance of National Golden Week
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The Importance of National Golden Week
By Rose Salas

BT 201909 ART 14The foundation day of the People’s Republic of China, known as the Golden Week, is one of the country’s most extended work-free holidays annually. The celebration begins on October 1st, and in cases where Mid-Autumn Festival falls close to National Day, the Golden Week takes up to 8 days observance. The world recognizes this event as the Chinese nation go on a “vacation.”

BT 201909 ART 12The government instituted this Golden Week as a commemoration of its founding in 1949. The National Day marks China’s sovereign independence. The celebration gave the citizen a whole week to enjoy and spend quality time with families and for family members to come back home from overseas. The holidays bring 10x more business than the country’s normal daily activities. With people going here and there, cities become crowded, and establishments work round the clock to keep the flow going. Traffic jams are expected. The airports are full, there’s no room for an apple to fall!

BT 201909 ART 05国庆被称为十一黄金周,是中国人每年最长的假期之一。假期从10月1日开始,一共7天。今年是新中国成立七十周年。将举行盛大的中国70周年国庆阅兵仪式。

Why is Golden Week special for every citizen?

BT 201909 ART 03As the National Day approaches, streets get decorated with lanterns and slogans. The week becomes exciting because of activities available for all. An example is mallwide sales; people are catching great deals from top malls and online shops. People spend a lot during this season, so it’s an excellent time for business owners to double their sales. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and theme parks get sold-out bookings, no matter how costly they could be.


BT 201909 ART 02Since the celebration covers 7- or 8-days holiday, most families go out of town or travel out of the country during this season. This is time for the kids and parents and extended family members to bond together and take time off from school activities and work duties. There had been an endeavour before to cut back the days because of the seen effect in local commerce and international trades. Nevertheless, this second Golden Week of the year still pursues, and more than half of the nation is on the move even before it starts.


BT 201909 ART 16The holidays give different record-breaking scenarios. For instance, significant roads look like a big, vast parking lot and the railway stations are jam-packed. Tourist spots are crammed with locals and foreigners, and congestion is a familiar scene. Irritating as it may be, every citizen is still in high spirit. Everyone has set the expectations in their mind, so it’s a matter of creating backup plans for them if, for some reason, the presumption becomes worse than expected.


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