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TRAVEL: A Lifetime Vacation at Borobudur
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A Lifetime Vacation at Borobudur
By Nikita Jaeger

BT 201909 TRAVEL 32

Borobudur is the biggest Buddhist temple complex located at Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It is a gigantic architectural monument and very popular amongst the Buddhists. Other than international tourists, this place also receives thousands of Buddhist tourists and monks every year. For those who enjoy being around history and spirituality, Borobudur is a must-see.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 35On the background of the complex, you can find the live volcanoes, Mount Sundoro and Mount Sumbing on the western side and Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu on the eastern side, which of course augment the thrill of visiting this beautiful historical monument. The November 2010 volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi buried the temple all over again after the massive restoration works carried out by UNESCO and the Indonesian government in 1970.

It has survived multiple earthquakes and also many bomb attacks. Presently the temple is all covered with greenery and mountains, which make it look strikingly magnificent. Once you visit Borobudur, the beauty of the place will force you to spend a few days here in discovering every single part of it.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 36婆罗浮屠位于东南亚的印度尼西亚的日惹,在日惹西北40公里处的高地处。大约于公元750年至850年间,由当时统治爪哇岛的夏连特拉王朝统治者兴建。"婆罗浮屠"这个名字的意思很可能来自梵语"Vihara Buddha Ur",意思就是"山顶的佛塔"也称为“千佛塔”。


BT 201909 TRAVEL 37Visa Requirements

If you are willing to give a visit to this alluring place, first thing required is an Indonesian visa. Visa is not an issue if you are planning a trip to Indonesia. The Indonesia Government issues visa on arrival; however, you can also get the procedure done before your visit. One can effortlessly get the visa for Indonesia online. You can quickly get the application online.

To complete the process, you will need certain documents like your valid passport, 2 passport size photographs, 2 filled visa application forms, copies of recent bank statement, a statement explaining your reason for travelling and an authorised letter from your employer stating that you are their employee, if you are on an employment visa. You need to attach the documents, and your visa will be ready for you in a few days.

You have to pay US $35 as visa stamping fees for visa on arrival. And if you find the place more attractive than your thoughts and plan to extend the visa date, in that situation you have to pay USD 61.5 for an extension in the Immigration office.

Indonesia grants 30-days free non-extendable visa on arrival for nationals from 169 countries, which include citizens from the USA, part of the EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Only limited airports allow you to enter and exit Indonesia with this visa. It cannot be used in the land border posts.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 30签证


BT 201909 TRAVEL 31How to reach Borobudur

Flight service: Getting Borobudur is not a tough task as it is just an hour ride away from Yogyakarta, one of the popular cities in Indonesia. From Jakarta International Airport, you can take a flight to Yogyakarta, and it will be only 50-60 minutes of air travel. From there, one can easily reach Borobudur via taxi, bus, or car.

Road transport: Indonesia offers excellent road transport services for Borobudur tourists. You can comfortably reach Borobudur by public transport buses from Yogyakarta. The bus services start from Jombor bus terminal and will take one or one and a half hour to reach Borobudur, and from there it is a 5 minutes' walk to the temple complex. The one-way fare will be Rp. 25,000. Besides bus services, you can have the options of minibus and taxi car services and many such services offer package tour in association with tour operators.

Train service: Tourists can also reach Borobudur by train up to Yogyakarta, which is one of the busiest Central Java railway stations and from there you need to hire a taxi or depend on bus transfers.




Things to do at Borobudur

BT 201909 TRAVEL 03Enjoy the beauty of Selogriyo Temple

Selogriyo Temple, locally known as Candi Selogriyo, is a small and capturing Hindu temple, located on the hilltop stand, graciously engulfed by the natural environment. A two-hour trekking through the terraced paddy fields and fruit plantations will take you to the hilltop. On top towards your west is the imposing Mt. Sumbing, and on the other side you can see the Andong, Merbabu, Merapi, and Telomoyo mountains.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 04Selogriyo寺

Selogriyo寺庙,当地人称为Candi Selogriyo,是一座小型的印度教寺庙,位于山顶上,被自然美景环绕。两个小时的徒步旅行,穿过梯田和水果种植园,将到达山顶。

BT 201909 TRAVEL 09View the sunset from Prambanan Temple

Watching the sunset in its full beauty is a scene you should not miss when you are at the Prambanan temple. A one-hour ride from Yogyakarta city will take you to the temple. The temple of Prambanan is 154 feet tall, and its architectural works are breath-taking.

Prambanan temple complex has three zones, the outer most zones, middle zone, and the inner zone. Out of the three, the inner region is the holiest one consisting of eight main temples and eight small shrines. The three main inner shrines stand for Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, who are the creator, keeper, and destroyer respectively, as per Hindu belief.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 10普兰班南寺庙群



BT 201909 TRAVEL 14Visit the Mendut Temple

Mendut Temple features 9.8 feet statue of Buddha. What makes the Buddha statue at Mendut Temple different from other statues is that Lokesvara and Vairapana, Bodhisattvas flank it. The statue here is sitting on its both feet in a western style. It looks the best during the night light under the open sky.

The temple is 3.5 km away from Borobudur temple, and you can reach the temple site by bus or taxi.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 13门杜寺


BT 201909 TRAVEL 16Relax at the Spa

Travelling can be a little exhausting and after so much of fatigue, what can be better than spending some calm and relaxed moments at the Spa. Here one can enjoy the exquisite Spa, exceptional cuisine, and yoga. The ambiance of the Spa will take your all-day stress away. Lay down easy and let the traditional methods do its magic on you.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 18在水疗中心放松身心


BT 201909 TRAVEL 21Explore the Chicken Church

Trust me; it is something you would have never seen or will see across the globe. It is a church built like a chicken. The place is locally known as Gereja Ayam. The church is 10 to 15 minutes’ walk away from Borobudur viewpoint. It looks like the architect of the church wanted to create a dove, but all you can see is a small chicken. In 1992, the construction completed, and since then it has become a busy tourist spot. You can enjoy a fabulous sunset and watch many volcanic mountains around the site.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 20鸡教堂

相信我这是你见过的最独特的建筑物之一。鸡教堂坐落在一片山林中,吃过鸡肉也见过鸡跑,但是你可曾见过鸡造型的教堂?教堂现已废弃,但有种残破美。在日惹城的西北方向、离婆罗浮屠不远处,藏匿在大片密林中。据它的建造者Daniel Alamsjah所说,他是在突然收到了上帝的神圣旨意后建立了这座鸽子造型的祈祷所。但最终由于各种原因废弃闲置,反倒被一些挖掘小众旅行点的游客发现,以“鸡教堂”(Chicken Church)作为名字让大家知晓。

BT 201909 TRAVEL 28Spend Some Quality Time at The Borobudur Temple

Built-in 750 AD Borobudur temples are the biggest Buddhists temples across the globe, located in Java. It is one of the UNESCO protected sites of world heritage. This temple covers around 2520 square metres. It has 72 stupas, and each stupa holds a statue of Buddha. The temple has a lot of Indian architectural influence of the Gupta era and indigenous stonework creativities. Book a long tour to the temple and explore its unique architecture, 2,672 reliefs (a type of projected engraving works) depicting scenes of Karmawibhangga Sutra and 328 statuses of Buddha.

Until 1815 it was under volcanic ash, and it took 8 years to reclaim it to its original glory. The reclamation project started jointly by UNESCO and the Indonesian government in 1970.

BT 201909 TRAVEL 27婆罗浮屠寺


BT 201909 TRAVEL 25Conclusion

Besides the mammoth Borobudur temple complex, Borobudur offers a variety of options to explore. Of course, the prime attraction of Borobudur is the Borobudur temple complex, supposed to be built in 8-9 centuries, which is the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

If you can schedule your journey during June, you will have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy the colourful festival, which includes Ramayana themed dances, based on the legendary epic Ramayana, handicraft exhibitions, traditional folk-dance competitions and much more. It has mesmerizing views, historical temples, colourful culture, traditional Spa, and nature to explore. It is perfect for visiting for a week or an extended vacation.

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