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BOOK REVIEW: 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China
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42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China
(2nd Edition)

Author: Rosemary Coates

BT 201909 book 01Are you a small entrepreneur who wants to work with Chinese manufacturers? Will your business benefit from cutting down costs of manufacturing, but it doesn't want to give up the quality of an American or European manufacturer? Do you want to expand to new emerging markets by paying as little as possible for this exceptional knowledge? Then this book is for you.

022It talks about the Chinese market and the manufacturing processes going on in this country. There are many great rules/tips here to engage in Chinese manufacturing. The amount of knowledge this book gives is definitely worth the money you pay while purchasing it. There are insights from interviews of many successful Chinese partners that use their manufacturing processes. They talk about their experience, what they went through, and how to avoid their mistakes because, as the old saying goes, you learn the most from your mistakes, but in this case, you are getting the knowledge without risking anything. This knowledge allows you to expand to different markets very quickly. You may be surprised by the number of different business strategies in this book, but this is normal since you can look at China as a totally different world when it comes to this. China has a very different culture and this book explains how to interact with people there, since their level of English is not the best. It teaches you many things about the steps you should be taking to create a successful business while outsourcing your manufacturing processes to Chinese companies.

Rosemary Coates wrote a great book here. Before anything else, we have to say that this book was very concise and easy to get through. The level of writing this woman presented is extraordinary. She goes over the exact things you need to know about the topic, just as they should be written. As such a well situated and successful woman this should have come as no surprise, but we were still surprised by the amount of value this book brings. Her amazing career as a business consultant definitely gave her the edge here. Definitely, a must-read for any up and coming small business owner.

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