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ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Pitching to China-based Investors? Never Ever do this
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Pitching to China-based Investors?
Never Ever do this

BT 202001 ENTERPRE 07Start-ups often look for foreign investors who will be able to fund their projects. While these investors come from across the world, China-based investors have lately been providing a lot of funding to start-ups.

Therefore, with a lot of capital coming in, this has allowed the start-up ecosystem to thrive. However, to get an investor, you will first have to pitch and you may find this process rather daunting. But if you are confident about your company, and if you keep a few dos and don'ts in mind, pitching can actually be quite easy.

While you should always talk about your ideas during the pitch, there are also some things that you should never do. The list below gives several of those "don'ts". Keep these points in mind and you will have no trouble with your pitch.


BT 202001 ENTERPRE 05Be proactive

As a founder, while giving a speech or pitching your ideas, you should never be passive. The proactive approach is of utmost importance. This is what will attract any investor's interest. If you are proactive, you will be able to communicate better with your potential investors and even get some advice from them regarding your company.


BT 202001 ENTERPRE 02Be correct

You might be pitching alongside your competitors. In this case, investors will obviously want to know why your company is better. Here, you should never provide improper information for comparison or data that is fabricated or understated. The investors will do their own research and fact-checking. If they find out that you provided incorrect data, they will lose all faith in you and you will fail to take your company further.


BT 202001 ENTERPRE 06Be confident

Do not hesitate to reach out to investors. You must build a good rapport with them and develop a close bond. If you are able to have a good relationship with your Chinese investors, then you will easily be able to interest them in providing funds. The best way to build this rapport is by organizing an informal meeting or inviting them to dinner. This will allow both parties to get to know each other better.


BT 202001 ENTERPRE 04Be unique

Good investors attract many start-ups. So, if you are pitching the ideas of your company, then there will definitely be other companies lining up to do the same. In such situations, do not underestimate the strength of these other start-ups. Have all relevant information on your fingertips and make sure that your pitch covers all aspects.

When you pitch your ideas to investors, do not ever exaggerate the numbers. This is extremely unethical. All investors in China conduct thorough research and investigate all companies before agreeing to provide funding to any start-ups. Therefore, if you provide numbers that do not exist, they will eventually find the correct statistical data. This will cause you to lose their trust and respect. Once this happens, it will become very difficult for you to secure funding elsewhere.


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