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WELLNESS: 6 Proven Tricks to Coping with Anxiety
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6 Proven Tricks to Coping with Anxiety
By Rachel Patterson

BT 202001 WELLNESS 01Anxiety is something that plenty of people have to deal with daily. Not only does it affect your well-being, but also your physical health. Learning to cope with anxiety can be challenging and often daunting. There are a bunch of different techniques that are used by experts; however, this can differ from each individual.

Those who suffer from anxiety might also suffer from insomnia and shortness of breath, due to lack of oxygen. Other symptoms might include being restless, uneasy and even depressed.


What should you do when you feel a wave of anxiety hit you?

Your feelings belong entirely to you and only you have the power to control how you feel. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with anxiety it’s advised to try as many of these effective techniques. This way, you will be able to point out which exercise is most effective for you.

BT 202001 WELLNESS 021. Observe yourself without any judgment

The best thing that you can do in a situation is to isolate yourself from others so that you can fully observe yourself. It always helps to find a peaceful and quiet space where you allow yourself to get in touch with your feelings.

During this time, it’s important to be completely alone without any distractions (such as your phone). You can do this exercise by either lying down or sitting.

Acknowledge every feeling that you are going through and accept what you are feeling without judging yourself. During this time, it’s important not to indulge in your feelings, but rather truly observe. This often helps people get to the root of their anxiety.

1. 不要带着论断审视自己


BT 202001 WELLNESS 032. Meditation

Yes, everyone always emphasizes the importance of mediation. However, this is often overlooked. Mediation is such a powerful technique that allows you to focus on something vital; breathing correctly.

During meditation, it’s important to try and focus on your breathing only. Find a room that is well-ventilated and quiet. Luckily, there are plenty of guided meditation videos available online, which can be used at your disposal.

2. 尝试冥想


BT 202001 WELLNESS 043. Accepting yourself

You are your own being and only you can change the way you look at yourself. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and accept yourself entirely. This includes accepting your past mistakes and any other shortcomings that you might have.

People often put unnecessary pressure on themselves and expect way too much from life. Remember that you are on a journey and you do not have to be at your final destination just yet. Fully accepting yourself with all your flaws and weaknesses can help reduce anxiety and encourage personal growth.

3. 接受你自己


BT 202001 WELLNESS 054. Forgiving yourself and other

Holding onto grudges from the past does no benefit to you whatsoever. Anger and grudges are two of the most poisonous things for the soul. They can destroy you unless you let them go.

It might be difficult to forgive yourself and others; however, it’s something that needs to be done. This might not happen overnight, it might take days, months or even years to fully forgive yourself and those who have harmed you. Nevertheless, forgiveness releases the heavy weight and gives you a lighter heart.

4. 原谅自己和其他人


BT 202001 WELLNESS 065. Change your environment

If you are constantly surrounded by people who are negative and bring you down, it’s time to change things up. The environment you place yourself in can either make or break you. It’s so important to get rid of toxic people in your life, so that you can learn to live a better life.

5. 改变你所处的环境


BT 202001 WELLNESS 076. Get in touch with your senses

This exercise is one of the simplest, yet most effective methods that you can try out when you’re trying to deal with anxiety. The human senses play a huge role in personal well-being.

Whenever you feel like your body is spiralling out of control with anxiety, try and awaken your senses. Listen to calming music, such as Lo-Fi, which is extremely effective. Lo-fi music consists of low-frequency beats that can help calm you down.

The next sense to awaken is your sense of smell. Try investing in an incense burner and burn some Oudh, which is known to cast away any negativity. If you don’t have any Oudh, then burn any other scent which you feel brings about positivity.

6. 唤醒你的感官意识



Everyone is different and different methods work for different people. If you ever feel like you cannot cope with the stress and anxiety in your life, then it’s the best to seek professional help. Your mental wellness matters and you should do everything in your power to help yourself.

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