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TRAVEL: Canaima. An Adventurer's Paradise
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An Adventurer's Paradise
By Nikita Jaeger

BT 202005 TRAVEL 08Canaima is one of the world heritage sites declared by UNESCO. It is a famous tourist spot spanning 3 million hectares, nestled in the southeast of Venezuela.

The spectacular tabletop mountains, breath-taking lagoons, gushing waterfalls, and awe-inspiring flora, fauna, and wildlife offer incredible adventures, creating memories that last a lifetime. It is home to one of the largest and most extensive national parks in the world. This hidden paradise is the gateway to the Angel Falls. Here you will find five species of endangered animals, indigenous villages, beaches lined with blue palm trees, and more.

Right now may not be the best time to visit this incredible part of Venezuela, but you should keep it in mind when things become stable in that area.



How to reach Canaima

BT 202005 TRAVEL 09Canaima can be accessed only by air as there are no interconnected land routes. You can charter a plane or board one of the flights from the Bolivar or Margarita Island airports. If you are looking to keep it simple, sign up for one of the several tour packages that take care of all the details from travel to food, lodging, and fun activities for tourists. The cheapest way to reach this nature-blessed haven is by getting on a plane from Ciudad Bolivar. What's more thrilling is that these flights from Ciudad Bolivar include waterfall fly-bys that rouse your excitement for all the Canaima adventure thrills ahead!

Visa Requisites

BT 202005 TRAVEL 07Visitors and tourists who want to enter Canaima need to hold a passport of the country from which they are hailing. The passport needs to be valid for 6 months upon entry into Canaima. You also need to obtain a Venezuelan visa or a tourist card to tour in and around Canaima. The fee for the visa is around $30. The tourist cards are easily obtainable on planes if you choose to travel by air. However, these are available only for those who are staying for less than 90 days.

Places to visit in Canaima

Backpack to the Angel Falls


BT 202005 TRAVEL 01The Angel Falls is one of the highest waterfalls on the planet. It offers mesmerizing sights as it gushes down into the Devil’s Canyon. You can visit this site only on guided organized tours. From the mainland of Canaima, you can take a boat to the Angel Falls base camp and then proceed on foot. The best time of the year to visit these falls is during the spring and summer months. It is best to avoid going there during the monsoon season due to the gushing force of the water.

天使瀑布又叫安赫尔瀑布或者丘伦梅鲁瀑布,落差达到979 米,是世界上落差最大的瀑布,距离大约2 公里的地方,我就能明显感受到“天使的呵气”。更奇特的是,长14 公里、宽5 公里的罗赖马山形成了巨大的山顶平原,被上百条瀑布分割,山顶的苔原风貌完全不同于山脚的雨林气候,80% 物种为特有的独立物种。

Hike to the peak of Mount Roraima


BT 202005 TRAVEL 02The Roraima is a mountain in the Pakaraima chain and Canaima is one of the tallest of the chain. It is located near the Brazilian border and provides panoramic views from 2,810 metres above sea level. It takes about five to six days of trekking to reach the top from the base camp. The cheapest and fastest way to reach Mount Roraima is through Boa Vista. There are also bus services from the town nearest to the Brazilian border.


A challenging hike to the Sapo Waterfalls


BT 202005 TRAVEL 03The El Sapo waterfall is isolated from the rest of Canaima, which makes it a peaceful haven for family outings, adventurous water activities, and fun thrills in the lap of mother nature. To reach the El Sapo, you will have to hike along the winding “green trail” beginning at the beach at the Campamaento Canaima.

Bond with the locals of the Kavac village


BT 202005 TRAVEL 10The Kavac village, nestled in the valley of Karamata, is unlike any other, and nature has blessed it with an abundance of natural resources. This village is home to the Penom Indians, and you can bond with the locals and hire them as guides as you river raft on the Kavac waters. You can reach Kavac by air.


Take in the sights of the Canaima Lagoon


BT 202005 TRAVEL 03The four waterfalls, Ucaima, Vadaima, Golondrina, and Hacha, are the highlights of Canaima Lagoon. The golden sandy shores are a retreat for those seeking relaxation and bliss away from the hustle and bustle of life. You can hire a canoe or raft by to take in the picturesque scenes all around. To reach this lagoon, you will have to take the Curiara––the canoes made by the natives. The best time to visit the Canaima Lagoon is between June and October.

La Gran Sabana


BT 202005 TRAVEL 04La Gran Sabana is a fascinating natural terrain with rocky mountainous areas and extensive plains. It is locally referred to as the Tepuis. Tourists can easily reach here by road. Some of the fun things to do here include camping under the stars, campfire parties, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, and bird watching. It is a diverse landscape with an abundance of wildlife, flora, fauna, plant species, endangered animals, and impenetrable jungles.

Fly by the Auyán-tepuy


BT 202005 TRAVEL 05The Auyán-tepuy is the most extensive mountain stretch in the Guayana Highlands. Some aircraft fly by this mountain stretch, enabling tourists to have unobstructed views as far as the eye can see. If you are looking for a hike free from other tourist groups, then the hike to Auyantepuy is the one for you. The only way to reach the Auyán-tepuy is by foot from the Kavac village.


If you are looking for a nature retreat with family, friends and loved ones, then Canaima is the ideal place for an adventurous vacation. With its several cascading waterfalls, lush green grasslands, mountainous terrains, jungles, wildlife, rainforests, and more, Canaima offers the ultimate thrilling adventures you’ve been seeking!

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