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TECH: Exascale Computing With Artificial Intelligence
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Exascale Computing With Artificial Intelligence

By Rita Koch

BT 202009 TECH 09Since the inception of the computer by Charles Babbage, human civilization has never looked back. Supercomputers with the capacity of doing billions of calculations per second are changing the world. Exascale computing is a major progression in supercomputer development. Exascale computers can do calculations 1000 times faster than their predecessors, Petascale computers. They can do a quadrillion calculations per second, which means 10^18 calculation/sec.

This is nearly equal to the calculation made by the human brain.

On the other hand, AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a technology that teaches machines to act intelligently like humans. If AI meets the calculation ability of the human brain, we can solve the toughest problems in human civilization.

One question may arise: If human-like calculation ability and intelligence can solve seemingly impossible problems, then why can humans not do it? The reason is that humans are not using 100% of their brains, and they also have limited physical ability, which means that they can't withstand unfavourable environmental conditions.

However, if humans’ ability is augmented with powerful machines, they can go anywhere in space, deep under the sea or inside glaciers, to look for solutions to questions. But these things could be done in the far future because now exascale computers have a considerable size and for equipping inside any machine it has to be minimized. For now, exascale computers can create a more accurate, real-life simulation and predict possibilities that can be harnessed in the research of energy, medicine, space, weather forecasting, etc. We will discuss some of the toughest problems exascale computing with AI can solve.

自查尔斯•巴贝奇(Charles Babbage)发明计算机以来,人类的科技和文明从未回头。计算速度非常快的超级计算机正在改变世界。百万兆级(Exascale)计算机的计算速度比其上一任千兆级(Petascale)计算机快1000倍。他们可以每秒就进行一次四方计算,这意味着每秒钟能够进行10 ^ 18次的计算。这速度几乎等于人脑的计算速度。另一方面,人工智能(AI)是一种技术,可以教机器像人一样智能地行动。如果人工智能能够满足人脑的计算能力,我们就可以解决人类文明中最棘手的问题。本文为您详细探讨和阐述人工智能和快速计算机的知识。

Exascale computing with AI can solve water scarcity

BT 202009 TECH 03Although 70% of our planet is water, there are still millions of people on this planet who suffer due to lack of water. The reason is that only 3% of water is usable, and this is stored in the ground, in rivers and in glaciers. Many places in the world, however, lack all of these sources of freshwater. This problem can be solved if we can change salty seawater into drinkable freshwater.

BT 202009 TECH 02Technology for this has been discovered; fine filters made up of carbon fibre tubes can do it, but these fibres are 100 times thinner than a human hair. In combining these and using them in filtering large amounts of water, a lot of calculations are required which can only be done by exascale supercomputers.

Exascale Computing with AI in Cancer treatment

BT 202009 TECH 05Exascale computing can also solve hurdles in cancer treatment. Treating cancer has always been a challenge for medical science as we are unable to do accurate molecular-level studies of cancer and drug interaction.

Using exascale computing, we can study the molecular properties of cancer tumours and carry out research on drug interaction with each molecule.

BT 202009 TECH 04Right now, Aurora, an exascale supercomputer, is helping researchers in the U.S. to find effective cancer treatments. In research, it has been determined that exascale computing can assist greatly in studying cancer cells, and we now have better ideas for drug interaction with the disease. If this research is successful, it will be a great gift to human civilization.

BT 202009 TECH 06Exascale Computing with AI in nuclear reactors

BT 202009 TECH 07Argonne National Laboratory researchers Alexsandr Obabko and Emily Shemon discuss one of their nuclear reactor turbulent flow simulations in the data visualization lab at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

We all are aware of the fact that nuclear reactions can generate tremendous amounts of energy without causing any environmental loss. But this can happen safely only when these reactions are carried out in controlled amounts. In the past we have witnessed the drastic impacts that can result when this process goes wrong. The blast in the nuclear reactors of the Ukraine is an excellent example of that calamity.

Using an exascale computer in nuclear power generation will make it extra secure, as it can read and calculate billions of items of information within a second. Most importantly, it will help install modular nuclear reactors which are smaller and can be used to supply power in local regions.

Exascale Computing with AI in space research

BT 202009 TECH 08The simulation ability of exascale supercomputers can be instrumental in simulating real space-like situations on earth. Using exascale, we can predict more accurately the motion of bodies in the universe. It will also increase our reach in space; information by exascale computers will be fed to AI embedded machinery, and together they can do magic.


Above are a few applications of exascale computing with AI, but these are not all. It provides a great power for humankind, and we can harness it anywhere, according to our needs.

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