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Sinovac vaccine 80% effective against COVID-19-related death
Published on: 2021-04-21
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Sinovac Biotech Ltd.’s vaccine is 67% effective in preventing symptomatic Covid-19 infections and wards off 80% of fatalities from the disease, according to a Chilean government study published on Friday.

The report said the Sinovac vaccine was 85% effective against hospitalizations and 89% in preventing people from entering intensive care units. This is the first such evidence showing how well the Chinese shot can protect against Covid-19 after it’s been widely used in a population.

The Chilean health ministry study followed 10.5 million citizens enrolled in the country’s public health insurance system and included people that had received one dose, two doses and no dose at all. The efficacy figures were obtained 14 days after the second dose.

The Sinovac shot’s efficacy drops if asymptomatic cases are considered, and that information will likely be included in the final version of the study, Araos said. “Including asymptomatic cases introduces more noise, but the effectiveness of preventing asymptomatic cases of Covid should be around 54% or 55%,” he said.

Meanwhile, after only one dose, the vaccine prevents about 16% of symptomatic infections, 35% of hospitalizations and 40% of deaths, Araos said. “The eventual need of a third shot is a topic that can always be discussed, though it is still quite speculative.”



根据报道,智利接种的新冠疫苗包括科兴疫苗(CoronaVac)和辉瑞疫苗(Pfizer-BioNTech)两种,不过科兴疫苗接种剂量远胜于辉瑞,达到1272 万剂。智利国内已经有至少760万人接种过至少一剂疫苗,512万人完成两剂疫苗的接种,完全接种疫苗人数达到智利人口的33.7%。

2月2日到4月1日期间,研究人员对1050万已接种和未接种人群进行了追踪,其中三分之一接受了两种剂量,在预防有症状性新冠肺炎方面的整体有效率为 67%,预防死亡有效率为80%,预防住院率效果为85%,预防ICU住院的效果为89%。

而对于那些仅接种了一剂疫苗的志愿者而言,疫苗整体有效率为 16%,预防死亡有效率为 40%,预防住院效果为35.7%,预防ICU住院的效果42.7%。


智利贸易部副部长Rodrigo Yanez表示,疫苗的结果显示智利做出了“正确的选择”。“这是一个改变游戏规则的疫苗,以具有说服力的数据回应了人们对其功效的探讨。”

需要说明的是,这项试验并没有直接评估科兴疫苗针对新近出现的新冠突变病毒株的效力。不过汇报这项研究结果的智利公共卫生官员Rafael Araos博士认为,研究开展期间智利仍处于新冠病毒高度流行的时期,流行的病毒中也包含突变病毒株,因此结果仍然具有积极意义。

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