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Foreign Man Not Wearing a Face Mask Tells an Auntie to “Shut Up”!
Published on: 2021-05-08
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A foreign man on high-speed train G7530, bound for Shanghai, refused to wear a face mask and insulted the Chinese passengers who discouraged him from this behavior.

A female passenger in an adjacent seat spoke out to encourage him to put on a mask.

Unexpectedly, then, the situation erupted into a heated dispute.

In the video, the female passenger sitting next to the train attendant said: “Wearing a mask is the rule. Foreigners have no privileges!”

Unexpectedly, the foreign man angrily replied:

“She’s not the owner of the train!”

“The train is not her house!”

The female passenger, a middle-aged woman, repeatedly asked the foreign man to wear a mask, saying, “Get off the train if you don’t wear a mask!”

Unexpectedly, the foreign man shouted at the woman: “Shut up!”

His attitude was very arrogant.

On the evening of May 5, the Hangzhou Railway Department posted the following news bulletin on Weibo:

“Relevant authorities have viewed the online video of ‘a foreign passenger having a dispute with other passengers on the train due to the problem of not wearing a mask’. According to preliminary investigation: On May 5, on the G7530 train from Ninghai to Shanghai Hongqiao, it was found that a foreign passenger had a dispute with a passenger next to him because the foreigner did not wear a mask. After being reminded and educated by the train crew, the foreign passenger wore a mask. The railway department reminds passengers to responsibly wear masks when taking the train and to cooperate with the railway to do a good job of epidemic prevention.”



5月5日,一名外籍男子在G7530次列车上因佩戴口罩问题与邻座旅客发生争执。现场视频显示,一名外国男子虽然戴着口罩,但鼻子却裸露在外,旁边一名阿姨要求其戴好口罩,否则就下车,这位阿姨还强调“戴好口罩是规矩,老外没有特权”。而外国男子则恼羞成怒,向乘务人员反映遭到中国大妈“骚扰”,并以英语呵斥道,“Shut up!(闭嘴!)”


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