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Chinese coronavirus vaccines reports 'extremely rare' adverse reactions
Published on: 2021-05-31
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China has for the first time released data on adverse reactions in recipients of coronavirus vaccines, reporting a very low rate of incidents.

The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday that among the 265 million doses given between mid-December and the end of April, there 31,500 cases of adverse events. That was equivalent to around 12 cases for every 100,000 doses.

“The incidence rate of adverse reactions following [taking] the Covid-19 vaccines is lower than the average level of other vaccines in 2019,” the CDC said.

“Current assessment shows that severe unusual reactions [globally] are extremely rare. The benefit of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus is much higher than the risk.”

The CDC said mild reactions were the most common type reported, accounting for more than 80 per cent of the total. These included a temperature of over 38.6 Celsius and swelling. The rest of the cases were “unusual reactions”, including allergic rash, deep facial swelling, and severe allergic reactions.



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