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Microchips for 40,000-yuan 'quantum' underwear cost only 3 yuan
Published on: 2021-06-30
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Core parts of some so-called quantum consumer goods only cost 3 yuan, while finished products can be priced at nearly 40,000 yuan, a media investigation exposed.

The wholesale price for the microchips used in so-called quantum bras and underpants is only 3 yuan each, while finished products can be priced at as much as 39,800 yuan, according to a report by The Beijing News.

In recent years, the concept of quantum has entered the field of consumer goods with many products claiming to have health care and prevention functions such as promoting blood circulation and increasing body energy.

Such so-called quantum products involve more than 10 categories of consumer goods including socks, bras, underpants, cups, cellphone cases, glasses and alcohols.

The media investigation showed that an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) processing industrial chain has been formed for quantum products and the cost of OEM processing for quantum underwear is only 500 yuan per kilogram.

China Consumers Association warned consumers on June 16 that so-called "quantum products" are pseudoscience and those magical effects are false publicity.


近年来,关于科技新技术的热点不断浮现,包括各种石墨烯、量子科技等相关技术,并且被宣传至各种类别的产品中去。但此前中消协、央视已经纷纷出面点名,生活中常见的量子产品宣传都是伪科技,炒作概念,招摇撞骗而已。近日,就有媒体曝光了一种最新的 " 量子骗局 "。

据悉,市面上有一种宣称 " 量子的高频振动能量场可以抖落剥离微循环内壁的脂质斑块、毒垢、血栓,有效预防和改善乳腺肿块、乳腺癌的发生…… " 的内衣,在商家宣传中具备能量排毒功能,不仅能打通微循环,改善肩酸,手臂僵硬,还能增强人体免疫力,提高心肺系统的工作机能。

然而,根据相关产业链透露,批量购买量子内衣中最为关键的芯片低至 3-3.5 元 / 个,但制成的内衣市场零售价宣称最高可达 39800 元,在一番包装之下竟然翻了上万倍。

报道称,目前市面上有许多声称专门从事量子科学研究的厂商,可以代工从袜子、鞋垫到内衣、内裤、水杯、饮水机、手机壳等各类 " 量子 " 产品。

甚至,目前产业链方面已经开始按重量售卖量子产品,其中 " 内衣每公斤 500 元,水杯每立方 1000 元 "。


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