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188 days of Maternity Leave for Second or Third child
Published on: 2021-11-29
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Several regions in China have extended maternity leave by at least 30 days, in the latest attempt to encourage child-rearing as the country faces a demographic crisis fuelled by a record-low birth rate.

On Friday, Beijing's city government announced that women can now take 158 days of maternity leave, a bump up of 30 days.

Shanghai authorities announced similar changes beginning a day earlier.

In the eastern Zhejiang province, mothers of a second or third child can now take a total of 188 days.

Under current national regulations, mothers are entitled to 98 days of paid maternity leave.

The issue attracted widespread discussion online Friday, with some people expressing concern it could make companies think twice about hiring women.

"The unemployment rate of women is going to be even higher," one internet user said.

Others questioned why the paternity leave entitlement remained unchanged at 15 days in Beijing.

In the capital, new fathers can extend their paternity leave only by taking days from their partner's quota.

Similarly, paternity leave in Zhejiang remains at 15 days and the period for fathers in Shanghai is 10 days.


根据周四和周五批准的修订后的人口与计划生育条例,北京和上海的母亲有望获得额外 30 天的产假,以响应中国鼓励生育的努力。

上海市第十五届人民代表大会常务委员会第37次会议于周四召开,通过了修改上海市人口与计划生育条例的决定。北京周五也效仿,批准了延长母亲产假的修订条例,这意味着两个市都提供五个多月的产假,比国家法定标准多 60 天,比以前多 30 天。

根据修订后的北京市人口与计划生育条例,北京市父亲可享受15天陪产假。子女未满 3 周岁,父母每年可享受 5 天的育儿假。同时,对独生子女在事故中受伤、致残或死亡的父母的经济援助金额提高至不少于从之前的 5,000 元涨到 10,000 元。





根据周三批准的修订规定,中国西北部青海省的母亲将享有 188 天的产假。夫妻可以有15天的婚假。

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