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Home quarantine instructions for 4 groups of people
Published on: 2022-04-15
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The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued specific instructions for home quarantine receivers on late Wednesday, which require independent toilet.

The CDC said there must be an independent home with an independent toilet for those receiving home quarantine. If those conditions cannot be met, home quarantine is not recommended. Besides, houses used for quarantine should have good ventilation. Air conditioners are not recommended.

Assessment by health institutions and communities are requested before home quarantine is allowed, and during the quarantine period, people should not step out of the house or receive any visitors, according to the instruction.

Going out to see doctors is permitted after approval from the local community. They will be in a closed-loop management. Those who live together with those quarantining at home should wear masks and disinfect themselves properly, the release from the CDC noted.

The release quickly attracted wide attention on social media as it comes amid recent calls among health experts to explore the feasibility of home quarantine for asymptomatic cases as a possible way to deal with the outbreak.

The instruction doesn't apply to asymptomatic COVID-19 patients in general and conforms to requirement of the current eighth edition of COVID-19 playbook.

It applies to four groups:

1. close contacts and special secondary close contacts such as children aged below 14;

2. pregnant women or those with underlying diseases; inbound travelers who receive "7+7" quarantine;

3. recovered patients and asymptomatic patients discharged from hospitals or quarantine;

4. and those who cannot receive centralized quarantine after professional assessment.



此次发布的防控要求,并没有明确居家隔离人员的具体定义,不过,根据国务院应对新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情联防联控机制综合组2021年5月份发布的《新型冠状病毒肺炎防控方案(第八版)》,其中涉及到了“新冠肺炎疫情隔离医学观察指南”,提及居家医学观察的管理对象是:1,密切接触者和密接的密接中特殊人群,如家庭成员中仅14 岁及以下儿童或孕产妇为密切接触者或密接的密接,患有基础性疾病或为半自理及无自理能力特殊人群。2,实施“7+7”的入境人员。3,出院后的患者和解除隔离后的无症状感染者。4,其他经专业人员评估无法进行集中隔离医学观察的人员。

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