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Chinese spirit brand Moutai creates baijiu-infused ice cream
Published on: 2022-05-30
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Moutai, a clear and potent spirit famed its incredibly strong taste, is known for being the drink-of-choice amongst many Chinese politicians and businesspeople looking to impress their colleagues.

And now, the prestigious brand is hoping it can tap into a younger market by launching its very first Moutai ice cream store, selling sweet treats infused with the strong spirit that's 53% alcohol.

Moutai is the most expensive type of baijiu, which is often referred to as China's "national spirit." It's almost exclusively drunk in the country yet is the world's most heavily consumed hard liquor. It's served at pretty much every festive occasion across the nation, from wedding receptions to business banquets.

While the cheapest bottles of baijiu cost as little as $1 at convenience stores in China, a 500 milliliter to 700 milliliter bottle of Moutai typically costs from 1,499 yuan, to over 16,000 yuan for rare vintages. In 2021, a rare case of Moutai sold for more than $1 million in London -- the highest price ever paid at an auction for a single lot of the spirit outside China.

Given that Moutai's strong taste has earned it the nickname "firewater," many people in China have been curious about how an ice cream flavored with the liquor might taste.

The ice cream store will reportedly introduce 14 flavors of Moutai-infused ice cream including matcha, chocolate and green plum, with prices ranging from 39.9 yuan to more than 100 yuan per serving.

Those who have already tried the ice cream describe it as having "a light Moutai flavor", according to local media reports.



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