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Tianjin Shuimeilian House Cleaning Service 天津睡美莲家政服务

No. 904, bldg. B, Caifu Building, no. 43, Weijin Lu, Heping District 和平区卫津路43号财富大厦B座904号

Tianjin LeBaiBang Family Service Limited Company 乐百邦家政...

1-1-1204, Lida Bolan Apartment, Hei Niu Cheng Dao, Hexi District 河西区黑牛城道立达博兰公寓增1-1-1204

Services: Live-in nanny, infants’ nurse, window cleaner, hourly worker, accompanied Shopping, nurse practitioner for the old and the disable, etc.

Sunshine Jiaxin Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. 阳光嘉信保洁服务有限公...

Room 427, bldg. C, Yunlang Building, no. 149, Weijin Lu, Heping District 和平区卫津路149号云琅大厦C座427室

Butler Wing 管家婆

No. 17, Tai’er Zhuang Lu, Heping District 和平区台儿庄路17号

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