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YY Beer House 粤园泰餐厅

No. 3, Aomen Lu, Heping District (Behind International Building) 和平区澳门路3号(国际大厦后侧)

YY Beer House 粤园泰餐厅

(Behind International Building) No. 3, Aomen Lu, Heping District 和平区澳门路3号(国际大厦后侧)

Saigon Court 贡苑法式越南餐厅

No. 173, the junction of Xikang Lu and Chengdu Dao, Heping District 和平区成都道与西康路交口173号

Golden Elephant Thai Restaurant 金象苑泰国餐厅

No. 78, the junction of Yong’an Dao and Guangdong Lu, Hexi District 河西区广东路与永安道交口78号

Bawarchi Indian Restaurant 芭瓦琪印度餐厅

No. 69, bldg. B, Shang, Tianta Lu, Nankai District 南开区天塔路上谷商业街B座69号

Banana Leaf 蕉叶国餐厅

Tian Di Hui Restaurant Plaza, no. 89, the junction of Qinghe Dajie and Nan Men Wai Dajie, Heping District 和平区大门外大街与清和大街交口89号天地烩美食街

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