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Bakeries & Desserts

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Maky Bakery 米旗

No. 27, 3rd Avenue, TEDA 开发区第三大街27号

Felicity 飞利西蒂

Back street of King Buyer Shopping Mall, no. 32, 3rd Avenue, TEDA 开发区第三大街32号鸿泰仟佰汇商业广场后街

Craft Gourmet 万丽美食阁

1F, Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel & Convention Centre, no. 29, 2nd Avenue, TEDA 开发区第二大街29号天津万丽泰达酒店及会议中心1层

Bread & Sliced 面包房

11F, Holiday Inn Binhai Tianjin, no. 86, 1st Avenue, TEDA 开发区第一大街86号天津滨海假日酒店11层

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